Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Sew-along Project Choice

As I posted some days ago, I entered the "Fall For Cotton" sew-along. For my first sew-along I wanted to make something special, but I was unsure what to chose. I so much wanted to make a 40s outfit. But then, I have so many lovely patterns from the 50s as well...

Then I looked at the cotton fabrics in my stash. I have mostly children's fabrics, piles of children's woven cotton, cotton jerseys... I have wonderful woolen fabrics I bought in a previous live during my travels in Italy and Scotland. both countries that produce wonderful quality woolen fabrics. I have some cotton ginghams, tiny polka dot cottons, solid cottons that would make a lovely 40s dress. Some flowers too.

But than I had on the top of a pile this lovely grey cotton fabric with pink gloves and white strings of pearls. I am in love ever since I saw it, and finally the fabric made the choice of the decade. This fabric is so 50s.

This is from the "City Girl" collection (Timeless Treasures). I'm not a city girl at all, but we country girls too know about dressing chic.

And I knew which pattern. It had to be this gorgeous Simplicity 3846 I bought a couple of weeks ago, and which is wonderfully brought to live by one of my heroines of vintage sewing, Beccie of Sew Retro Rose. Have a look at her "emergency dress". (If emergency to her terms looks like this, then how's the rest?)

Well, the fabric is laundered and the pattern is ready. I had to adjust the size of the everything, as the pattern was in a size too small for me, but I think the modifications should be OK. 

As I have only 4 yards of fabric, and the pattern requires slightly more, I decided to make a white collar. I pray the rest of the pattern pieces will fit into the 4 yards... I always forget to buy more fabric. But then, I seldom buy fabric for a specific pattern, so usually I chose a pattern and see if there's a fabric with enough yardage in my stash.

I'm so excited!


  1. Love the fabric! And the pattern is lovely too!

    I work most of the times from my stash too and I became kind of an expert in squeezing patterns out of fabric.

    1. Anthea, squeezing seem just to be the right word... ;-) Thanks!


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