Friday, 24 October 2014

About Vintage Halloween Costumes

As some of you may know I'm getting prepared for Halloween. No, no costume for me, but for my kids.

When I was looking for some inspiration on internet, I found lots of vintage pictures of costumes. I'm not sure if they were used for Halloween actually, or just for other events and occasions, but I thought it was fun to show those to all who might be interested.

I liked the Victorian bat costumes. Thinking of Victorian women dressed up like bats is somehow funny. And, very interesting, I found only women in bat costumes.

Victorian bat dress

Some costumes maybe were intended to be spooky, and some funny, but today a few of the funny ones look somewhat scary. I guess we are just not used anymore to certain types of disguises, costumes, masked, and they honestly make me feel uncomfortable.

Children also dressed up. Somehow they looked so cute as if it was today, but some pictures really look  odd.

Women as witches are a standard throughout all decades.

How about some less decent costumes?

Then there are those dupe-nice pin-up witches, cats and bats.

Ah, and I LOVE the catalogues and patterns for costumes! How much vintage inspiration!

So, do you dress up for Halloween? If so, where do you get your inspiration from? What's your favorite costume?

Mine? I guess this one… I love black, I love the dress, the hat, the plume broom - gorgeous!

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