Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Goodbye, Shirley Temple

Yesterday, Shirley Temple passed away. She was 85.

I thought back to some movies starring her I saw when I was a child. I guess no other children I knew then watched such movies. I was so out-of-fashion. And maybe I still am. :)

She was famous even here in Switzerland. I have to admit, though, that I always have a strange feeling about all the non-Swiss Heidi movies out there. It's like if we Swiss people would make a Pocahontas movie... 

Nonetheless, she was a very cute Heidi, any maybe she influenced the image that many elderly persons have of that storybook character. I remember how older people looked at me or even caressed my very blond curls (hated it!) and called "Oh, she looks like a Heidi!" - strange enough that my sister's name is Heidi. Needless to say that I always felt a wee bit silly. 

Shirley was what we call one of the first, if not the first ever, child star in movie history. She had such a sweet face, a little bit cheeky sometimes, and blond curls. She could pose, sing and dance. Growing up, she became a pretty woman, the hair became darker. Blond little girls are always fascinating to adults. I was a very blond curly girl as well, so I know what I'm talking about. It's the same with kitties and puppies. They grow up to become dogs and cats and are not so super cute anymore to most people.

Having been "trained" to be a star it was probably not very easy to deal with a new situation, becoming less attractive to the audience, getting less offers as an actor. But still, as a young woman, she inspires me, mainly from a fashion and style point of view. I love these photos, I think she was a very handsome person.

 I don't have to point out that I'm in love with this hat...

Looking at these pictures, I realise that my interest for vintage clothing is not limited to women's outfits, but it's also wonderful to see all the gorgeous little girl's dresses of those times.

There's a lot of inspiration for any sewing mom like me.

Polka dots and hair bows....

Puffed sleeves and short skirts, buttons and trims.

Peter Pan collars.

And appliques.

And bows.

Look at the cherries, the cherries! Wonderful dress!

This romper is simply amazing.

Kind of a sailor collar combined with a peasant-style dress...

And then, of course, there's always a hat that catches my eye. I love this one particularly, as it's a Scottish inspired hat in a garrison style... Have to find a pattern and make one real soon!

Of course, when my daughter yesterday in the news saw Shirley with all the lovely dresses, she screamed with delight and said she wanted a dress like these. She was so amazed by this dancing little girl with her sweet poofy or long flowing dresses...

But I prefer to make her this one instead. Red polka dots, red trims, and a huge petticoat! 

There are a lot of nice ideas for the big girls too.... Checked shirt-dresses...

A skirt with her initials on it - amazing! Aw, and how much I would like to have the shoes....

This is what looks to me like one of those tropical inspired halter dresses that were "en vogue" then.

A wonderful late 1940s, early 1950s dress.

And a gorgeous 1940s two-piece suit. With hat. And purse. And gloves. Makes me happy just looking at this one.

And, after all, she was a mother too. 

Growing out of a childhood as a movie star, I think this is the most amazing "role" she could get. People may remember her as the little girl who was a star, but to her family she was mother, wife, grandmother, great-grandmother.

Need more info about Shirley temple? Read here.


  1. She was a lovely lady, and a natural in front of the camera from the get go. Thanks for all these lovely photos :)

    1. Yes, she was indeed a lovely person, and despite her fame she didn't have the problems many child stars today have when they lose their status as stars.
      Thanks for your kind words. I enjoyed the pictures too, there are so many ideas for dresses... :)


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