Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Guest Post for Sew Retro Rose

It was a huge pleasure and honour to write a guest post for one of my favourite bloggers, lovely and inspiring Beccie of Sew Retro Rose.

I surely can't compete with her sewing skills, but I was happy I could help her by writing about one of my passions: vintage costume jewelry from Doris's Jewellery Box.

There are (mostly will be) many more guest posts of some wonderful ladies, and if you don't know Beccie's blog by now, be sure to follow her. Her vintage style sewing ranges from the 1950s back into the 1930s. 


  1. Voll mein Ding ... Olle Plaste-Broschen, da geht mein Herz auf!!!

    1. Ich hätte früher auch nie gedacht, dass ich mal Plastikschmuck tragen würde! Heute kann ich kaum einem solchen Teil widerstehen... :-)

  2. How fabulously cool! Beccie's site is awesome, as is your guest post there, dear Doris. I love that a passion for cute novelty brooches is something else that we share in common.

    Big hugs & many sincere thanks for your wonderfully nice comment on today's vintage blogger interview post,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! I always had a passion for jewelry, but not for brooches. I thought they were for old ladies. I'm older now, and much wiser. I deeply hope I can give my collection one day to my daughter, and that she will appreciate this items as much as I do. Keeping them is preserving a part of our history. (Another good excuse to buy them...)

      I hope you have a wonderful midsummer weekend!
      Best wishes from sunny Switzerland!


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