Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Vintage Style Aloha Shirt For The Best Of All Husbands

In one of my recent posts I wrote a little bit about the history of the Aloha or Hawaiian shirt. All started with my husband's wish to have such a shirt, reminding him to his favourite youth sequel with Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I., wearing the same kind of shirts and having a lot of fun... And who am I to deny to my best of all husbands (BOAH) such a wish?

I already wrote how and where I found the wonderful material for the shirt of his desire.

It was exactly what BOAH wanted: traditional white flowers on a dark blue background. Even if he IS a courageous and very cool guy and wears colours other male probably wouldn't, we didn't want his first Aloha shirt to be too brightly coloured. I think this fabric is perfect.

So I had to find a simple yet perfect pattern with yoke and collar. I found one for free, but it was available only in size S/M. My BOAH is quite a tall guy, and from his belly you can guess he loves good food (as most Italians do) and cooking, so I needed at least a size L. After all the changes I had to make on the pattern, it was almost something new. However, if you would like to use the original small pattern and get help from a nice tutorial, have a look at Melly Sews blog.

I cut the front and back parts longer and sloghtly curved, as BOAH is definitely NOT going to wear the shirt tucked in his trousers as some men do, which is, according to my understanding, bad taste..., so the slightly longer shirt will surely look perfect with short trousers on a warm sunny day.

For a perfect finish, I added mother-of-pearl buttons from my grandmother's stash - all in mint condition.

He loves his shirt, and I'm very proud to se him wearing it. He looked very cool on our Italian vacation at his grandma's home next to the the beautiful palm tree.

Edit: I later shortened the garment a bit as it was slightly too long for a Hawaiian shirt. The shirt is still in use on hot summer days for that special summer feeling.

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