Friday, 10 January 2014

My Vintage Pattern Collection

As I wrote probably before, I started collecting vintage sewing patterns about 5 years ago when I was looking for a pattern to make my own wedding gown. What started as an impossible quest for a pattern I had once seen in a Vogue pattern review in the 90s was the discovery of a whole new world for me. I found Etsy, a most astonishing and amazing marketplace for almost everything a sewer's and collector's hearts desires. And I fell in love with vintage sewing patterns.

And I ended up with a couple of vintage patterns, the beginning of my own collection. I soon somehow got a little bit addicted to those incredibly beautiful designs. Each and every one was so amazing. Soon some 40s pattern were added to some of the 50s. My mom used to be a sewer too, and she gave me her patterns from the 60s and the 70s. Even she had made her own wedding gown, and she still had the pattern.

Even though I'm not so fond of those eras, I kept them, as they mean a lot to me. There are many designs for children's dresses my mothers used for my sister and me.

So my collection constantly grows. Whenever I have some money left, I have a look around my favourite online marketplace to see if there is something I like. Needless to say that there usually IS.

I would like to "share" my collection with other that have the same obsession. I will put my collection on some Pinterest boards - just have a look! Maybe you have the same patterns or have a question - you are most welcome to contact me and ask!

And you will of curse find the links on a separate blog page as well!

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  1. What a stunning collection you have! You should totally join my Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge (over 60 people have joined and counting) - Drop me a comment if you decide to join in and I'll happily share some of your patterns on the dedicated #vintagepledge Pinterest board -


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