Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Happy Housewife

No, this is most probably NOT how it will look like some years from now, on a distant Christmas, with my two perfectly educated kids assisting their perfect mother to serve a perfect meal...

I am a modern housewife. Means: I am not don't want to be perfect.

I love my kids. They're the world to me. I love my husband. He's so understanding and patient. (Oh yes, he really has to be patient with me, I admit.)
I make a lot of extra things for my family. We have a garden that makes a terrible lot of work for me. But it's for the benefit if all. My kids can play outside, they can yell and run, be happy, be kids.
From early summer to late autumn I produce syrups, chutneys and marmalades made from seasonal fruits, mostly from our garden. Elderflowers and -berries, rhubarb, strawberries, black currant, pumpkins, apples, prunes, onions... Perfect as gifts for Christmas.
If there is a special event, I sometimes work day and night to create special outfits, to make last-minute homemade gifts for newborns and other children.

But I'm not perfect. When it comes to housework, I'm a rather desperate case. I like to cook, but I don't stand up at 5 a.m. to prepare home-made pasta like my mother-in-law does.

That's probably me. I don't like to clean, but I do, as I prefer to live in a clean place.
But we will never live in a place as shiny as this one pictured here:

And that's how the kitchen is looking when my husband prepared a meal. But I wouldn't look as amused as the lady in the drawing.

Tidying up is the most difficult thing for me to do, as I am a rather chaotic creative person.

Looking at 1950s illustrations of perfect housewives doing a perfect job for their perfect families in perfect little homes in a perfect way, always with a perfect smile and looking - just perfect, makes me feel - not so perfect. But human and just like any average woman, not like a domestic goddess.

But still I LOVE such illustrations, as they show a variety of clothing from those times, especially lots of aprons. I didn't like aprons when I was younger, but I think vintage aprons are so adorable!

Yes, I love my husband for doing the hoovering (I hate hoovering! makes my backbone ache...) and for his understanding. Sometimes he comes home, and the dinner is not yet finished, but our daughter's new dress is. Oh yes, I am a very happy housewife!

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