Monday, 14 April 2014

Pattern and Fabric Acquisitions

In Switzerland, spring has arrived with huge steps. Usually, we can expect our first roses to bloom at the end of May, but when I check the plants in our garden, I think we will have roses already in April. Nonetheless, my appetite for sewing is not very much "spring-like"... Even though I have lost 9 kilos (each child gave me some extra-pounds I never got rid of...), I still am rather undecided if I should wear bright colours or not.

However, when it comes to buying fabric for vintage sewing projects, we can't be too picky. I have unfortunately not such lucky hand for exceptional finds like Beccie from Sew Retro Rose (check out her blog, she IS talented and inspiring!), but I was very happy I found this lovely vintage fabric on ebay some days ago. (For once an extremely helpful seller that showed the fabric draped on a model, so you could see not only the dimensions of the print, but also how a finishes garment could look like. I wish all sellers would be so thoughtful.)

When it arrived last Saturday, I was positively surprised. I have been disappointed before when I bought vintage fabrics, but this one is really amazing. It's a rayon fabric from the 1940s in a silvery grey, imitating the structure of shantung silk.

It's rather wide for a vintage fabric, measuring 41 inches, and I have 3.5 yards of it. This would enable me to make a late 1940s dress with a fuller skirt, so this pattern came to my mind. I have a weak spot for asymmetrical dresses, and I think the pattern would pair lovely with the fabric. I love the loosely rendered flowers, the shimmering texture and the discreet grey colour. The fabric has a wonderful drape. I will have to check if it it's suitable for this pattern, but it will be definitely that kind of dress style for this fabric.

And I bought 3 vintage Scottie dog cabochons! I just love Scotties, if I could I probably would have such a dog. Whenever I find vintage jewelry or supplies featuring this cute guy, I can't resist. So I didn't  mind buying the whole lot of them. I will make a brooch for myself and sell the others in my shop. They are in mint condition, just as if they were made yesterday, and probably were produced in occupied Japan. Did I ever mention that I am fascinated by Japanese stuff? I love Kanzashi flowers, Japanese fabrics, gardens, etc. (No, I don't like sushi. I'm not particularly fond of fish, and I don't eat raw meat, so why on earth should I eat raw fish?)

This topic leads me to my next purchase and a possible project.

I bought this wonderful Japanese inspired cotton fabric with a lovely koi carp print, and when I bought it I knew it will be a 1940s dress. And I found a wonderful pattern for it! I'm not yet decided if I should chose the version with short or with long sleeves. But no matter which, I think the koi carps will look great with such a dress!

The only question is: which project should I make first?


  1. Great purchases! I love the scottie dogs!

    1. They are so adorable, aren't they? I have several Scottie dog jewelry items, and I LOVE all of them!

  2. Love your purchases! that fabric is absolutely wonderful, I understand your hesitancy which one to do first, all the patterns are beautiful. I'll be anxious to see your decision and your project ... Have a wonderful week, darling!

  3. Thanks Rosy! I guess it will be the koi dress... I even dreamt of it last night. A sign? Let's say yes. I guess the rayon fabric will be a little bit more demanding, and I really NEED some new dresses now.

  4. Those scottie dog cabs are over-the-moon cute!!! I love vintage items depicting dogs (and animals in general) - and all the more so since becoming a dog owner (for the first time since I was a kid) last year. Our Annie isn't a scottie, she's an American Bullador (half lab, half American bulldog), but as there aren't many pieces of jewelry out there that look like her (the closest would probably be those depicting border collies), I'm happy just to sport any canine piece in her general spirit.

    Big hugs & many thanks for your terrific comment on yesterday's outfit post,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I will certainly give some thought to a post of the very nature you requested. The wheels are turning in my head now! :)

    1. Jessica, how much I envy you for having a dog. I always wanted to have a Scottie or any similar terrier dog, but I'm highly allergic to pets now, and there are far too many dogs in the neighbourhood already, so we leave it. I keep buying Scotties as jewelry items as often as I can, so at least I can enjoy them without any health issues. :-)

      I really enjoy following your blog. You're an experienced vintage buyer, so I thought you might have some ideas about that special kind of vintage clothing. If you don't, no worries, I think I could do well enough with an overall... And still would look neatly dressed, despite the hard work!

  5. I have this Simplicity pattern, but have yet to make it up. Did you do it?


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