Thursday, 21 August 2014

Vintage Inspiration - British-American Hollywood Actress Elizabeth Taylor

I guess my first memory of Elizabeth Taylor was a Lassie film where she appeared. Probably even as a small girl was I impressed by this other girls huge violet blue eyes and very expressive eyebrows.

Even though she became famous as a Hollywood screen star, we should not forget she was, first of a all a child.

Liz at age 13. I wouldn't dare to post a picture of me at that age...

I guess by looking at the style she wears that the following pictures date from the late 1940s.

Liz Taylor led a very interesting life. She did not always fit in the contemporary picture of a good wife, and I think she got herself in some trouble. But it's how she wanted to live, and she payed a price to do so.

Aw, I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the print of that fabric! So atomic!

Nonetheless she was one of Hollywoods most beautiful actresses, and very talented. Later I admired her for her performance in "Cat on a hot tin roof" opposite Paul Newman.

With her splendid figure, she certainly didn't need to wear a corset in younger years.

There are not many portraits of her laughing.

This dress is so 50s - the polka-dots, the ear-rings… And a pixie hair-cut!

She loved fashion, and she loved jewels.
But she was also a mother. I think those are the pics I like most, they are so touching...

Looks like Jane and Trazan Jr. - gorgeous pic!

Do you like to look at pictures of famous persons too, especially when it comes to bygone eras, to get some fashion inspiration? Ot just to see something beautiful?


  1. Love her curvy style. I think that green dress was designed by Ceil Chapman, a favorite of hers.

  2. I love this actress, I think she was "the most beautiful eyes in the world", so elegant, I love the polka dot dress.

    1. Ma favorite dress is the grey one she's wearing when holding her baby. Totally simple, yet so elegant.

  3. da weiß ich ja gar nicht wo ich zuerst hingucken soll ... auf die wunderschöne frau und schauspielerin oder auf die großartigen kleidungsstücke!!!
    danke fürs posten. :)

    1. Ja, mir geht es jeweils auch gleich. Und diese perfekten Aufmachungen immer! Eine wirklich attraktive und talentierte Frau. Wenn auch vielleicht etwas schwierig… :-)

  4. Beautiful look at one of Hollywood's most gifted, iconic, and intriguing ladies ever. Often when I'm asked (from time-to-time) who I would invite to my fantasy dinner party (of living or deceased celebrities), her name makes the imaginary guest list.

    Big hugs & joyful weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I would love to join this dinner party too! She had such an interesting life, she certainly could tell a lot… Thanks for visiting my blog, dear Jessica.


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